Fungi of the Magadan region


Currently, over 700 species of fungi are known for the Magadan region.

What part of them do we know? Probably, an ordinary person will be able to name no more than 10 species, known from parents or school-days. And certainly few people realize that in fact their diversity is so great in our places .

About 3% of this fungal abundance is poisonous, 58% are inedible, 5% are conditionally edible, 34% are edible.

The ability to orientate oneself in all the variety of mushrooms, to distinguish between edible and inedible, to know poisonous, not to eat unfamiliar species and properly cook conditionally edible mushrooms will help to avoid the troubles associated with poisoning.

In order to preserve people's health, and for general education and preservation of rare and Red Book species, we have created this page.

Authors of the posted photographs: Vokhmina O.N., Livach A.E., Pakhomov M.N., Plotnikov D.I., Sazanova N.A., Yarysheva S.A.

We also draw your attention to the fact that a lot of species can be determined only by a specialist (they are very similar to each other, without additional analysis). Therefore, the number of mushroom species posted on the site will be less than on the list. However, the proposed photos will help to evaluate the general diversity and determine which mushroom you found, either edible or poisonous.

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