Botanical collections of IBPN FEB RAS

Herbarium of IBPN FEB RAS was found in 1970; it consists of collection of vascular plants, fungi, lichens and muscoids. International index of herbarium is MAG (assigned in 1997).

Herbarium of vascular plants includes collections from 1970 to present time, and earlier samples (of 1940-1960), obtained from land survey expedition, and has being constantly completed by new samples. Over 1700 species of vascular plants are represented in herbarium. Total number of sheets is over 110000. The most part of the collection is represented by samples from Magadan region and adjoining territories – Primorye, Kamchatka, Chukotka, Commander Islands and others. Vascular plants are arranged according to Engler system, genera are given numbers by Dalla Torre, inside genera – in alphabetical order. Besides, geographical principle of distribution is observed. Electronic catalogue of herbarium labels is presented for several families and genera. Since 2006 new collections of plants have been added to catalogue.

Since 2020,  the Digital Herbarium MAG is being formed on the platform of the Digiital Herbarium of Moskow State University and at GBIF.

Collection of seeds and fruits numbers over 3500 specimens, representing over 2000 species of plants from Siberia and the Far East; electron catalogue of collection is given.

Mycological herbarium contains over 10000 specimens of over 760 species of fungi-macromycete, labels are given in electron catalogue.

Herbarium of lichens includes over 4900 specimens of about 300 species.

Herbarium of muscoids numbers over 4500 specimens of 460 species of frondiferous mosses and liverworts.