The name of our city is often associated with the Stalin's repressions, when millions of people died due to the terror and false accusations. One of the most accessible mines - is the Dneprovsky mine. The former mine is located 320 km far from Magadan. The main workforce of the Dneprovsky mine was represented by the prisoners (including those, who were unlawfully repressed for political reasons, who have already been vindicated or still being vindicated).The remnants of the industrial and residential buildings also exist today.


 On the way to the Dneprovsky mine at a distance of about 250 km from Magadan there is a place where the tin mine Kheta existed from 1938 to 1945. There are no residential or industrial buildings on the territory of the camp, but you can see the foundations of barracks, various items of everyday life of the prisoners (rusted burzhuikas (cast-iron stoves), window guards) and equipment, as well as traces of prisoners working on the mine.

Number of tourists in the group: up to 3 people;

 Duration of the tour: 2 days / 1 night;

 Description of the tour by days:

 1 day. The trip starts early in the morning. It is possible to visit the stone-cutting workshop of V. Gartvik in the settlement of Stekolny. Lunch is at the roadside cafe in Atka. Arrival to the Kheta mine, a tour of the surroundings, a guided tour of the territory of the former camp. During the drive there will be planned stops in interesting places connected with the development of the region. Drive to Talaya, overnight in Sanatorium.

 2 day. Departure towards the Dneprovsky mine. Arrival. Sightseeing tour with a guide. Lunch cooked on the campfire. Climb to the height of 1100m. Inspection of quarries, mines (outside), mechanisms. Departure to Magadan.

 Transport: Motor-vehicle of jeep class, a total distance of 560 km.

 Tour price:

 • for a group up to 3 people is 78600 rubles.

 Included in cost:

 • Transport (2 days);

 • guide service;

 • campfire food;

 The cost does not include:

 • food in settlements;

 • accommodation in Talaya; (we will certainly help to book accommodation in the Sanatorium);

 Attention! The last 20 km to the Dneprovsky mine is the off-road, if the weather is rainy, then the car will not be able to pass streams, thus, the tour will be canceled under unfavorable weather conditions.