Free events

As a part of the Conference we provide you with an opportunity to visit several excursions:

Magadan Regional Local History Museum

Active exhibitions:


“The Stone World”

“Nature of the North”

“People of the Land and the Sea”

“Kolyma. Sevvostlag 1932-1956”


Natural History Museum of NEISRI FEB RAS

Geology-mineralogical museum of North Eastern InterdisciplinaryScience Research Institute FEB RAS


    Famous collections of this museum: “Paleontology and stratigraphy”, “Magmatism and metamorphism”, “Minerals”, “Meteorites and impact formations”, “Mineralogy”, “Minerals of the North-East of Asia”, “Archeology”, “Ethnography”.

 Memorial museum-apartment of Vadim Alekseevich Kozin


Kozin Vadim Alekseevich – afamous Soviet singer – an owner of uncommonly pretty tenor, was born in St. Petersburg   in 1903. The start of his creativity onstage  was in the mid-20s of the past century under the pseudonym Vadim Kholodny.

The museum revives creativity of the singer of the 1930-50s. Besides, it represents the original materials of his life (1903-1994) and creative heritage based on the documents, photo documents, letters of the singer and his admires, diary notes and musical compositions, works of visual art.

 Magadan sightseeing guided tour

The tour is aimed at those, who want to know more about Magadan and wish to get acquainted with its history. During the sightseeing tour you will see the most significant and memorable places of the town, visit the town cultural and architectural monuments and learn a lot of new and interesting information about them. During the tour you will visit the sculpture “Vremya” (Mammoth), the stele at the entrance of the town, the sculpture “Oleni” (Reindeer), the monument “To the Pioneers of the Kolyma and Chukotka, the monument to the poet, singer and actor Vladimir Vysotsky “Ya rasskazhy tebe pro Magadan” (“I’ll tell you about Magadan…”), the memorial complex “Uzel pamyati” (the Knot of Memory), the Saint Trinity Cathedral, the monument to E.P. Berzin and many other interesting places of our town. The tour finishes on the town’s hill “Krutaya”, where in 1996 the 15th meter sculpture Maska Skorbi (the Mask of Sorrow) was mounted. The monument is dedicated to the victims of mass politic repressions serving the sentences on the Kolyma. There one can make beautiful panoramic photos of the town since from the sightseeing platform opens the striking view of the Staritsky Peninsular and both bays of the Sea of Okhotsk on the coasts of which Magadan spreads out.

Tour “Landscapes of the Okhotsk seacoast”

Variant 1. The Ola lagoon


The Ola lagoon is located 25km east from Magadan, - it is one of the key places of the mass nesting and migration stay of considerable number of the waterfowl and semiaquatic birds. The lagoon is separated from the sea by the system of spits and islands, which in the summer period serves as nesting places for almost ten thousand pairs of larids. Pebble, sand and silt littorals, uncovered during the low tide – are important forage habitats for a lot of species of migrating sandpipers, ducks and gooses. There is the extensive overgrowth of eelgrass all over the littoral. During the spring period when in the Ola lagoon one can observe the mass spawning of the Pacific herring, dozens of bears and Steller’s sea eagles can be also seen along its coasts.

The western coasts of the lagoon are covered with larch forest; coastal herb and short grass meadows – marches are distributed there. Eastern coasts are known for the Atargan refugium of rare and endemic plants; besides, one of the largest populations of the pea shrub over the Sea of Okhotsk coast is located here.

 Variant 2. Veselaya Bay



Veselaya Bay runs deep into the mid part of the Staritsky Penninsular coast between the Vostochny cape (south entrance cape of Veselaya Bay) and the Krasny cape (north). Coasts of the bay, except for the peak, are elevated. The similarly named stream falls into the low coast of the peak of the bay. Half a kilometer ashore from the stream estuary there is a rocky small island “Vdovushka”, which during the low water is connected with the coastline by the broad sand-stony shoal. The bay is picturesque and rich in biological objects. Ground variety of the littoral zone preconditions the species diversity of hydrobionts: there are abundant settlements of infauna in the sands of different silting degree. On the stony-sand littoral at the foot of the Vdovushka Island there are all large taxa of macrophyts and invertebrates (from sponges to hemichordates and tunicates). In the littoral basins one can meet characteristic inhabitants of the sublittoral zone (starfish, sea urchins, bivalve mussels Panomyaarctica, Phoronida).

 All events mentioned above are organized for the Conference participants on a fee-free basis.


Dear colleagues, information about fee-requiring excursions to the distant areas of the Magadan region will be available on our web-site in April, 2018