Expedition crew


Stationary group of Lake Darpier

   Elena Vladimirovna Khamenkova - Academic Secretary of the IBPN FEB RAS, expedition leader, head of the stationary group of Lake Darpier     
   Pospekhov Vitaly Villimovich - researcher of the Laboratory of Helminthes’ Ecology, expert on the fauna and parasites of anadromous and semi-anadromous fish and just a man with gifted hands.
 Hired assistants who wish to preserve anonymity.

Timofey - American Akita - the mascot of the expedition and the working group of Lake Darpir.



Stationary group of Lake Momontai


Kira Vadimovna Regel - head of the stationary group of Lake Momontai. K.V. Regel - Ph.D., leading researcher of the Laboratory of Helminthes’ Ecology, IBPN FEB RAS. Kira Vadimovna is not only a parasitologist, she is an expert and her skills include identifying freshwater and marine crustaceans, as well as littoral and sublittoral marine invertebrates. Besides she is a wonderful, enthusiastic and incredibly kind person.


 Andrei Alexandrovich Primak - researcher, the Laboratory of Population Genetics. Specialist in the field of Genetics of fish and small mammals. Chemist. In addition, Andrew is Jack of all trades and our most helpful employee.

   E. A. Andriyanova - senior researcher, the Laboratory of Botany, specialist in aquatic plants
   Maya Valerievna Morozova - a young naturalist from St. Petersburg.



Mobile group

   Alexander Vladimirovich Andreev - Doctor of Biological Sciences, head of the Laboratory of Ornithology, IBPN FEB RAS, head of the Mobile expedition group. He is also an artist and is not only in the proper sense of the word; his colleagues rightly call him “an artist in science.”    

Darya Alexandrovna Andreeva is a man of extraordinary talent, an enthusiastic photographer and, fortunately, the main photographer of our expedition (St. Petersburg).


   Scherbakov Andrei Alekseevich – an attendant guide on walking route.
   Miloslava Fedorovna Andreeva is a young naturalist, a fearless traveller and a great lover of history.