Contest Committee

Contest Committee


Chaiperson – director, Dr. of Biol., Radchenko O.A.

Vice-chairperson – deputy director for Science, Cand. of Biol. Sci. (PhD) Kondratyev A.V.

Secretary – Academic  Secretary, Cand. of Biol. Sci. (PhD) Khamenkova E. V.

Members of the Committee:

Atrashkevich G.I. - Cand. of Biol. (PhD), Head of the laboratory;

Derenko M.V. - Dr. of Biol., principal researcher;

Nikishin V.P. - Dr. of Biol., principal researcher;

Regel K.V. - Cand. of Biol. (PhD), leading researcher;

Denisova G.A. – chairperson of trade-union committee;

Sazanova N.A. - Cand. of Biol. (PhD), senior researcher;

Assessment of 2018

In the period from the 2nd to 4th of April, 2018, assessment of the workers, holding ranks of the researchers of FPFIS IBPN FEB RAS, will take place.